15th International İstanbul Optimist Week

8-12 August 2017

İstanbul Yelken Kulübü 1952 

15th International Istanbul Optimist Sailing Week

8 - 12 August 2017



15.INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL Optimist Sailing WEEK 2017 (IIOW) Broşür


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08 – 12 August 2017


   15. International Optimist Week will be held on 08-12 August 2017 in Istanbul,TURKEY.

   The IIOW is organized by Istanbul Sailing Club.

   English shall be the official language for the International Istanbul Optimist   Week (IIOW).


4.1 The IIOW will be sailed under the following rules:

    * The 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS),

    * The current Class Rules of the IODA

    * The Notice of Race (NOR),

    * The Sailing Instructions (SIs)

    * The Prescriptions of the Turkish Sailing Federation will not apply

    4.2 Category C will apply.

4.3 The organisers may require competitors to display event sponsor advertising material.Stickers will be provided at registration.These should be attached to the boat in accordance with the instructions provided by the organiser.

    4.4 The regatta is open to all Optimist Sailors (Girls & Boys),who comply with the World Sailing Eligibility Code.

    4.5 Sailing Instructions will be available at the registration.

    4.6 All Sailors shall be born in 2002 or later.

    4.7  Boats are exempted from displaying a red flag,according to IODA practice. Boats willing to protest shall inform the RC immediately after finishing 


    An International Jury will be constitued in accordance with RRS Decisions of the International Jury are final and not subject to appeal as
 provided in RRS 70.5


    Boys and girls will sail in single fleet.No more than three races will be sailed in a day.


    07 August          Early arrivals/Accomodation

    08 August          Official arrival day/Accomodation Registration 09:00 – 18:00
  Opening Ceremony 19:30

    09 August          Skippers/Coaches Briefing 10:00
 Races  (First Warning signal) 12:00

    10 August          Races 

    11 August          Races

    12 August          Races (No Warning after 15:00 hours)
  Prizegiving Ceremony (asap after the race)                    

    13 August Official departure day


8.1 There will be separate overall rankings for Boys - Girls & Junior categories,Junior sailors must be born 2005 or later.

8.2 Regatta score will be established as follows:

    *Total 10 races are planned.

    *When fewer than 4 races have been completed,a boat’s score is the total her race scores.

    *When from 5 to 9 races have been completed,a boat’s score is the total
 of her race scores excuding her worst score.

    *When 10 races have been completed,a boat’s score is the total of
 her race scores excluding her two worst scores.

    8.3 The minimum number of races for the validation of the International 
Optimist Week is 3 races.     


    9.1 The ENTRY FEE is EURO 10 per boat, to be paid at final registration.

    9.2 Charter boats available at the basis of ( first come first serve).The charter fee is EUR 100 for the event. Participants may enter with their own boats.For charter boats,participants shall bring their sails,with them and may use their spars and foils if they wish.

    9.3 Accomodation and food is provided as per the following principles:

    a) Bed & Breakfast EUR 15/day/person in club rooms. (rooms of 4) 

    b) Lunchpacks may be ordered to the club’s restaurant EUR 5/each.

    c) Lunches and dinners “a la carte” at club’s restaurant.        

    9.4 TRANSFER from and to the airports of Istanbul is provided by the club,
 at the cost of  € 10 per person,in condition to give preliminary flight
 schedule information.        


    10.1 In addition to IODA Class Rules 4.2 (A) and (B),4.3 (A) and (B),each boat shall have on board a secured paddle and each competitor shall carry a 
 whistle attached to clothing with a lanyard.Competitors not complying
  with this instruction will be attributed a penalty of 3 points for each race
  of the day on which they have failed to observe this instruction.
    10.2 Adequate personal buoyancy shall be worn at all times while afloat.Wet
  suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy. If the
 buoyancy device is of an inflatable type,it shall be inflated at all times
  while afloat.This changes RRS 40. 


11.1 Coaches,team leaders or representatives from participating teams shall be  registered at the Race Office before 10:00 hours on the first racing day.

    11.2 The Club will organise,FREE, a large Coach boat on shared basis for teams not  
having a support boat.

    11.3 During the races,all support boats shall remain at least 100 meters outside 
of the racing area.Only at the discretion of the Race Officer,those boats may enter the racing area and intervene in emergency cases.

    12. PRIZES

     a) Cups will be given to first 5 boats Overall, 3 first Girls, 3 Junior Boys & 3 Junior Girls.

     b) 1 unit of brand new Optimist will be given by lot, among all participating sailors, present during the prize giving ceremony, regardless their score.


    To enhance the friendship between the participants and to make their stay in Istanbul more enjoyable,appropriate social events will be organised.

Average wind speed in July is 10-14 knots (N-NE)


    15.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.See RRS 4
  (Decision to race) The Istanbul Sailing Club and all parties involved in the
  regatta organisation will not accept any liability for material damage or 
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to,during
 or after the regatta.

    15.2 All Support staff as well as the competitors,will be required to execute this
 liability waiver.

     Organiser strongly advice competitors to have a third party liability 

    17. VENUE

    Istanbul Sailing Club

    Fenerbahce Burnu – Kadıkoy – Istanbul


    Phones : +90 216 336 9372  or + 90 216 336 0633

Fax     : +90 216 346 2737

    E-Mail:  sportsdirector  AT istanbulyelken.org.tr

    Web Page :www.istanbulyelken.org.tr



18.1 For reasons of planning (accomodation and boats available for chartering) 
the entries and club rooms reservation requests shall be made: until:JULY 15th, 2017 to Istanbul Sailing Club by a written message clearly indicating the names, birth dates, gender and nationality of participating sailors as well as the accompanying support personel.

İstanbul Sailing ClubApril 30th, 2017